Teresa McCormick turned in the fastest time Thursday, May 31 at a Hay and Stuff Barrel Race in Sutherland.

McCormick’s time of 17.639 seconds led all other racers. She competed in the open class.

The Neb. 4-Division Approved Hay and Stuff Barrel Racing Jackpot series is the official name, and it attracted 42 participants in Sutherland, in three age groups – open, youth and pee-wee. All ages are eligible to compete — women, men, girls and boys.

The purpose of the racing series is to prepare horses and riders for larger rodeo events, and to serve as a satisfying scratch to those with the barrel-racing itch.

Taylor Ruether, a coordinator of the series, expressed excitement over the races, despite the challenges of getting people and livestock in the proper places.

“There were a lot of challenges getting it started, but we started on time, by golly,” she said.

There are 6 total jackpot runs in the series. The next will occur June 21 in Sutherland, and June 26 in North Platte.

The races were sponsored by Vitalize Feed, the Sutherland Rodeo committee and the North Platte Ag Society.

Divisions are set according to the fastest unbroken barrel pattern time.

The first fastest time sets the first division, or 1D. The second division, 2D, is determined by the next closest time, exceeded by more than a half second.

For example, if the fastest overall barrel run was 18 seconds, that exhibitor would be referred to as the first division (1D) winner.

Another competitor would need to acquire a time of 18.5 or slower to be classified as 2D, 3D a half second slower than the 2D’s winner time, and so on.

Bonus prizes are awarded to pee-wees who complete the pattern.

To be considered a youth, the participant must be ages 7-13 on race day.

Points are accumulated throughout the series, with prizes awarded when the series ends.


Open class winners:

1D – Teresa McCormick, 17.639 seconds

2D – Jessica Wykert, 18.193 seconds

3D – Rylan Swanson, 18.647 seconds

4D – Maceyn Howard, 19.189 seconds.


Youth winners

1D – Sage Glinn at 19.651 seconds.

2D – Sierra Cain at 20.651 seconds.


Pee-wee division

1. Marisa Wykert. 2. Heidi Turner. 3. Hadley Turner.