An article in the Jan. 24 print issue of the Bulletin quotes Donnie Smith, a former head and now consultant to Tyson Foods, as saying “There’s no credible research that proves there’s been a single problem caused by GMO’s in the past 20 years.”

The key word in that quote is “credible.”

Mr. Smith does not define what he means by credible research. My hunch is that any research that finds adverse reactions to GMO foods would not be defined as credible.

As a consumer, I am not particularly swayed by safety assertions from large corporations, particularly food giants such as Tyson. I have been fooled too many times to believe them.

I remember assertions of more than 20 years by the tobacco industry that smoking was not harmful to human health. I cite the recent evidence that these companies knew full well the hazards of tobacco. They, too, found no credible research to the contrary.

If Upton Sinclair had not written about the horrendous treatment of workers and animals in the meat packing industry in the 1930s, we would probably all be dead by now.

So, pardon me if I don’t believe any of the reassuring murmurs by the quite well paid, I’m sure, Mr. Smith. I don’t believe Big Ag any more than I believe Big Pharma or Big Business.


Hope Hunt, North Platte