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Track: Chase County sweeps at SPVATell North Platte what you think
Photo by Joe Chitwood
Bailee Fear sets the Sutherland school record with her win in the triple jump.
Photo by Joe Chitwood
Kyle Spicer of Kimball, Bailey Shrotberger of Perkins County, and James Schroll of St. Pat's compete in the 100 meters.
Photo by Joe Chitwood
Kaleigh Kummer of St. Pat's beats Hershey's Ashley Hassett to the finish line in 300 hurdles.

Just as they have done all season, Chase County overpowered the opposition Tuesday at the Southern Platte Valley Association meet winning team championships in both girls' and boys' divisions.

The chilly weather with intermittent showers at Hershey did not slow them down as the boys scored 131 points to ease past second place Perkins County with 98. Bridgeport and St. Pat’s scored 86 to finish in a third-place tie.

The Lady Longhorns left no doubt that they were by far the best team in the conference as they amassed 234 points to outdistance second place St. Pat’s with 87. Sutherland rounded out the top three with a score of 62.

For the boys, Cody Williams paced the Longhorns with four victories in the high jump, long jump, 100 and 300 meter hurdles. Will Kuenne added a gold in the 3200-meter run and Hunter Bartels took the shotput title to round out the team’s individual champions.

Perkins County and Bridgeport kept close with each school picking up four gold medals.

Perkins County's Bailey Shrotberger took four golds with wins in the 100 and 200 and as a member of both the 4x100 and 4x400 championship relay teams.

Bridgeport’s Jack Linders was the only other multiple winner taking the 1600 and on the 4x800 relay team. His time of 4:40.255 in the 1600 set a new meet record eclipsing the 1980 time of 4:40.6.

Boys from Lincoln County schools managed to capture two first place finishes with St. Pat’s Garrett Foust’s win in the 400 and Sutherland’s Garrett Elfeldt taking the pole vault.

On the girls’ side, Chase County put on a show taking 12-17 championships that included all of the individual running events.

Taylin McNair led the team with wins in the 200-meter run, 4x100, 4x400 and 4x 800 relays. Kaydn Milner added three in the 400, 4x400 and 4x800. Mallie McNair took three in the 800, 4x400 and 4x800. Her 800 time of 2:20.868 set a new meet record surpassing the 2:21 set in 2004.

In addition, three other team members scored multiple wins. Katelyn Wheeler, high jump and 4x100, Adelaide Maxwell, 100 and 4x100 and Destiny Reinke, 1600 and 4x800.

The 4x800 team of the McNair sisters, Milner and Rinke ran a record time of 9:59.624 beating the 2005 time of 10:05 by five seconds.

Lincoln County girls brought home five individual gold medals.

Bailee Fear scored wins in the long jump and triple jump for Sutherland. Her triple jump of 34’0” was not enough to set a meet record but gave her the school record. “Our old record was 33’10” and I am excited that I beat it today,” she said.

St Pat’s Kaleigh Kummer won the 300 hurdles, teammate Amanda McClellen took top spot in the pole vault and Hershey’s Ashley Hassett won the 110 meter hurdles.

Boys' team standings

1. Chase Co. 131

2. Perkins Co. 103

3. Bridgeport 86

3. St Pat’s 86

5. Sutherland 48

6. Kimball 38

7. Hershey 35

Girls' team standings

1.Chase Co. 234

2. St. Pat’s 87

3. Sutherland 62

4. Bridgeport 46

4. Hershey 46

6. Kimball 27

7. Perkins Co. 24

Boys' individual results

Discus- 1. Conner Wiggins, Bridgeport. 2. Dakota Wallin, Chase Co. 3. Hunter Bartels, Chase Co. 4. Marce Vasquez, Bridgeport. 5. Miles Lagler, Perkins Co. 6. Jack Bauerle, Chase Co.

High jump- 1. Cody Williams, Chase Co. 2. Cameron Meyer, Sutherland. 3. Ethan Munson, St. Pat’s. 4. Charles Johnson, Perkins Co. 5. Evan Sestak, Perkins Co. 6. Brandon Collins, Bridgeport.

Long jump- 1. Cody Williams, Chase Co. 2. Jaden Withrow, Kimball. 3. Kiffen Cook, Perkins Co. 4. Jaydn Brown, St. Pat’s. 5. Charles Johnson, Perkins Co. 6. Ryan Richardson, Sutherland.

Pole vault- 1. Garrett, Sutherland. 2. Blake Scott, Sutherland. 3. Kyler Banks, Hershey. 4. Connor Floyd, Sutherland. 5. Jaden Mohr, Kimball. 6. Jalen Stienike, St. Pat’s.

Shot put- 1. Hunter Bartels, Chase Co. 2. Marce Vasquez, Bridgeport. 3. Jack Bauerle, Chase Co. 4. Jason Davis, Hershey. 5. Dakota Wallin, Chase Co. 5. Baylor Hellmuth, Hershey.

Triple jump- 1. Jaden Withrow, Kimball. 2. Noah Holm, Sutherland. 3. Jack Kohl, Perkins Co. 4. Jadyn Brown, St. Pat’s. 5. Kaleb Lussetto, Bridgeport. 6. Trye Hickey, Perkins Co.

100- 1. Bailey Shrotberger, Perkins Co. 2. Kyle Spicer, Kimball. 3. James Schroll, St. Pat’s .4. Alex Patrick, Perkins Co. 5. Dominic Wendell, Perkins Co. 6. Noah Holm, Sutherland.

200- 1. Bailey Shrotberger, Perkins Co. 2. Kyle Spicer, Kimball. 3. James Schroll, St. Pat’s. 4. Alex Patrick, Perkins Co. 5. Domonic Wendell, Perkins Co. 6. Austin Wheeler, Bridgeport.

400- 1. Garrett Foust, St. Pat’s. 2. Bryce Wilson, Perkins Co. 3. Kiffen Cook, Perkins Co. 4. Jerrod Fedorchik, Bridgeport. 5. Bryson Fisher, Chase Co. 6. Joey Fischer, Sutherland.

800- 1. Declan Jefferies, Bridgeport. 2. Chase Ochs, St. Pat’s. 3. Monte McNeil, Hershey. 4. Caleb Weiss, Chase Co. 5. Jerrod Fedorchik, Bridgeport. 6. Tyler Ferguson, St. Pat’s.

1600- 1. Jack Linders, Bridgeport. 2. Will Kuenne, Chase Co. 3. Declan Jeffries, Bridgeport. 4. Chase Ochs, St. Pat’s. 5. Eli Huebner, Hershey. 6. Jaden Dietlein, Perkins Co.

3200- 1. Will Kuenne, Chase Co. 2. Declan Jefferies, Bridgeport. 3. Jaden Dietlein, Perkins Co. 4 Caden Waitley, Perkins Co. 5. Adan Bustinza, Bridgeport. 6. Ryan Gomez, Bridgeport.

110 hurdles- 1. Cody Williams, Chase Co. 2. Gary White III, St. Pat’s. 3. Evan Fisher, Chase Co. 4. Aiden Skillstad, St. Pat’s. 5. Evan Sestak, Perkins Co. 6. Christopher Terry, Perkins Co.

300 hurdles- 1. Cody Williams, Chase Co. 2. McKade Smith, Hershey. 3. Garrett Foust, St. Pat’s. 4. Scott Wheeler, Chase Co. 5. Gary White III, St. Pat’s. 6. Marce Vasquez, Bridgeport.

4x100- 1. Perkins Co.2. Chase Co. 3. St. Pat’s. 4. Sutherland. 5. Bridgeport. 6. Hershey.

4x400- 1. Perkins Co. 2. Chase Co. 3. St. Pat’s. 4. Bridgeport. 5. Sutherland. 6. Hershey.

4x800- 1. Bridgeport. 2. Chase Co. 3. Hershey. 4. St. Pat’s. 5. Kimball. 6. Sutherland

Girls' individual results

Discus- 1. Allison Owings, Chase Co. 2. Andrea Page, Chase Co. 3. Isabel Roberg, St. Pat’s. 4. Rebecca Pasquinelly, St. Pat’s. 5. Berenice Mier, Bridgeport. 6. Dani McNeel, Sutherland

High jump- 1. Katelyn Wheeler, Chase Co. 2. Allie Montgomery, St. Pat’s. 3. Jozie Schike, Chase Co. 4. Maddie Kleewein, St. Pat’s. 4. Jenna Greenwood, Kimball. 6. Jocelyn Pohl, Bridgeport.

Long jump- 1. Bailee Fear, Sutherland. 2. Hanna Biesecker, Kimball. 3. Sarah Allen, Chase Co. 4. Hayley Homan, St. Pat’s. 5. Emily Baxter, Bridgeport. 6. Julie Slattery, St. Pat’s.

Pole vault- 1. Amanda McClellen, St. Pat’s. 2. Peyton Fiedler, Chase Co. 3. Gracie Rippen, St. Pat’s. 4. Josie Peterson, Chase Co. 5. Ashlyn Banks, Hershey. 6. Raychel Banks, Hershey.

Shot put- 1. Allison Owings, Chase co. 2. Jaci Kurkowski, Perkins Co. 3. Miranda Romero, Sutherland. 4. Ashley Hassett, Hershey. 5. Andrea Page, Chase Co. 6. Kaitlin Mohrman, Bridgeport.

Triple jump- 1. Bailee Fear, Sutherland. 2. Kaleigh Kummer, St. Pat’s. 3. Sara Allen, Chase Co. 4. Jannel Fiehtner, Kimball. 5. Hailey Snyder, Perkins Co. 6. Emily Baxter, Bridgeport.

100- 1. Adelaide Maxwell, Chase Co. 2. Bailee Fear, Sutherland. 3. Sarah Allen, Chase Co. 4. Hannah Biesecker, Kimball. 5. Jadin Bussell, Chase Co. 6. Payton Hoatson, Sutherland.

200- 1. Taylin McNair, Chase Co. 2. Katelyn Wheeler, Chase Co. 3. Adelaide Maxwell, Chase Co. 4. Haeven Schuster, Sutherland. 5. Hailey Snyder, Perkins Co. 6. Ashlyn Banks, Hershey.

400- 1. Kaydn Milner, Chase Co. 2. Hailey Snyder, Perkins Co. 3. Bailee Fear, Sutherland. 4. Sophie Spady, Chase Co. 5. Erica Swires, Bridgeport. 6. Brittany Nelson, Bridgeport.

800- 1. Mallie McNair, Chase Co. 2. Destiny Reinke, Chase Co. 3. Kaydn Milner, Chase Co. 4. Brittney Newkirk, Bridgeport. 5. Karissa Benavides, Bridgeport. 6. Gracie Rippen.

1600- 1. Destiny Reinke, Chase Co. 2. Madison Brown, Chase Co. 3. Bailie Vanarsdall, Hershey. 4. Morgan Hoatson, Sutherland. 5. Morgan Burke, Sutherland. 6. Kaylee Meeske, Chase Co.

3200- 1. Madison Brown, Chase Co. 2. Kaley Hauxwell, Chase Co. 3. Bailie Vanarsdall, Hershey. 4. Morgan Burke, Sutherland. 5. Falen Jeffries, Bridgeport. 6. Kayla Schike, Chase Co.

100 hurdles- 1. Ashley Hassett, Hershey. 2. Peyton Fiedler, Chase Co. 3. Hayley Homan, St. Pat’s. 4. Ericka Swires, Bridgeport. 5. Haeven Schuster. 6. Megan Engbrecht, Chase Co.

300 hurdles- 1. Kaleigh Kummer, St. Pat’s. 2. Ashley Hassett, Hershey. 3. Peyton Fiedler, Chase Co. 4. Ericka Swires, Bridgeport. 5. Emily Baxter, Bridgeport. 6. Megan Engbrecht, Chase Co.

4x100- 1. Chase Co. Kimball. 3. St. Pat’s. 4. Bridgeport. 5. Hershey. 6. Sutherland.

4x400- 1. Chase Co. 2. St. Pat’s. 3. Bridgeport. 4. Perkins Co. 5. Hershey. 6. Sutherland.

4x800- 1. Chase Co. 2. Bridgeport. 3. St. Pat’s. 4. Hershey. 5. Sutherland.

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The North Platte Bulletin - Published 5/3/2017
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