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Track: Ochs breaks meet record at Troxel InvitationalTell North Platte what you think
Photo by Joe Chitwood
Chase Ochs out sprints Hershey's Monte McNeil to win the 800 in record time.
Photo by Joe Chitwood
Chase County's Mallie McNair, with teammate Destiny Reinke close behind, streaks to the finish line to set new 800 meter record.
Photo by Joe Chitwood
Kadyn Milner anchors the Chase County 4x400 to a new record.
Photo by Joe Chitwood
Perkins County sprinter Bailey Shrotberger, at left, beats out James Schroll in a photo finish 100.
Photo by Joe Chitwood
Will Kuenne leads Taylor Cooper of South Loup after three laps on his way to a record setting 3200 win for the Longhorn team.
Photo by Joe Chitwood
Mullen's Addy Vinton has a step on Ashley Hassett of Hershey in the 300 hurdles.
Photo by Joe Chitwood
Lance Moore beats St. Pat's Gary White III to bring home the 110 hurdles gold for Mullen.

Chase County’s boys and girls notched two more wins Saturday, defeating nine other teams at the Mike Troxel Track Invitational at Hershey.

Sunny skies and gentle breezes provided perfect weather for athletes and spectators. The outcome for the Lady Longhorns was never in doubt, as they won 11 of 18 events and set three meet records on their way to blowing past runner up St. Pat’s 205-75.

Mullen’s 61 points were good for third.

Things were not that easy for the Longhorn boys. St. Pat’s battled them all day, and despite closing out the meet with a 4x400 victory the Irish came up one point short, losing 123-122.

Mullen ended the day with 87 points to finish in third.

When the dust had settled, three schools had set five new meet records.


Mallie McNair paced Chase County taking gold medals in the 400, 800 and as a member of the 4x400 relay team. McNair’s 2:21.14 time in the 800 set a new meet record beating the 2:25.1 from 2008.

In addition, the Longhorn bested records in two of the girls’ relays. Their time of 4:15.49 in the 4x400 beat the 4:18 set in 2008 and a 10:13.93 time in the 4x800 knocked four seconds off the 2014 record 10:18.

Double medal winners for the Longhorns included Adelaide Maxwell 100- 4x100, Allison Owings, shot- discus, Sophie Spady, 4x100- 4x400 and Taylor Wheeler 4x400- 4x800.

Mullen’s Addy Vinton took home three golds champion in the girls’ division, winning the long jump, 100 and 300 hurdles for the Lady Broncos.


Chase County captured six first place medals compared to St. Pat’s four and picked up enough top six finishes to gather enough points and outlast the Irish.

Longhorn distance runner Will Kuenne scored double golds winning the 1600 with a 4:45.18, beating the 2011 record of 4:52.7 by seven seconds. He followed up with a new record time of 10:28.9 in the 3200, knocking 12 seconds from the 10:40.6 in 2015. Also, Cody Williams added double golds for Chase County in the long and high jump.

Lance Moore won multiple gold for Mullen with victories in the 110 and 300 hurdles.

St. Pat’s Chase Ochs raced to victory in the 800, running a 1:59.04 to shatter the previous 2009 meet record of 2:06. Ochs added a second gold as a member of the 4x400 record setting relay team, which ran a 3:31.78, a second better than the 2008 time of 3:32.8.

Finally, Hershey’s 4x800 team won with a record setting time of 8:27.94. The previous record set in 2008 was 8:34.0.

Chase County will return to Hershey April 28 to compete in the Southern Platte Valley Association conference meet.

Girls' results

Discus: 1. Allison Owings, Chase Co. 2. Jessie Sallach, South Loup. 3. Andrea Page, Chase Co. 4. Addie Sides, Cambridge. 5. Rebecca Pasquinelly, St. Pat’s. 6. Isabel Roberg, St. Pat’s.

High jump: 1. Addy Vinton, Mullen. 2. Katelyn Wheeler, Chase Co. 3. Mallie McNair, Chase Co. 4. Allie Montgomery, St. Pat’s. 5. Margaret Safarik, Hyannis. 6. Jozie Schilke, Chase Co., JV.

Long jump: 1. Bailee Fear, Sutherland. 2. Korynn Clason, Cambridge. 3. Hayley Homan, St. Pat’s. 4. Kaleigh Kummer, St. Pat’s. 5. Sarah Allen, Chase Co. 6. Aubrey Frye, Mullen

Pole vault: 1. Peyton Fiedler, Chase Co. 2. Gracie Rippen, St. Pat’s. 3. Amanda McClellen, St. Pat’s. 4. Josie Peterson, Chase Co. 5. Brooke McClellen, St. Pat’s. 6. Kaelie Tomlin, Cambridge.

Shot put: 1. Allison Owings, Chase Co. 2. Jessie Sallach, South Loup. 3. Jaci Kurkowski, Perkins Co. 4. Andrea Page, Chase Co. 5. Ashley Hassett, Hershey. 6. Carlee Brownawell, Hershey.

Triple Jump: 1. Korynn Clason, Cambridge. 2. Kaleigh Kummer, St. Pat’s. 3. Sarah Allen, Chase Co. 4. Bailee Fear, Sutherland. 5. Hayley Homan, St. Pat’s. 6. Maddie Kleewein, St. Pat’s.

100: 1. Adelaide Maxwell, Chase Co. 2. Bailee Fear, Sutherland. 3. Kayla Shaner, Cambridge. 4. Sarah Allen, Chase Co. 5. Jadin Bussell, Chase Co. 6. Sarah Monahan, Hyannis.

200: 1. Katelyn Wheeler, Chase Co. 2. Adelaide Maxwell, Chase Co. 3. Korynn Clason, Cambridge. 4. Taylor Williams, Chase Co. 5. Aubrey Fry, Mullen. 6. Atlynn Witthuhn, South Loup.

400: 1. Mallie McNair, Chase Co. 2. Korynn Clason, Cambridge. 3. Kadyn Milner, Chase Co. 4. Hailey Snyder, Perkins Co. 5. Haley Jones, Mullen. 6. Bailee Fear, Sutherland.

800: 1. Mallie McNair, Chase Co. 2. Destiny Reinke, Chase Co. 3. Kadyn Milner, Chase Co. 4. Haley Jones, Mullen. 5. Gracie Rippen, St. Pat’s. 6. Margaret Safarik, Hyannis.

1600: 1. Maddie Ramsay, Hyannis.2. Madison Brown, Chase Co. 3. Molly Paxton, Mullen. 4. Bailie Vanarsdall, Hershey. 5. Kaley Hauxwell, Chase Co. 6. Lizzy Taylor, Cambridge.

3200: 1. Kaley Hauxwell, Chase Co. 2. Bailie Vanarsdall, Hershey. 3. Kelsey Folchert, St. Pat’s. 4. Morgan Burke, Sutherland. 5. Molly Paxton, Mullen. 6. Alyssa Shaw, Hyannis.

110 hurdles: 1. Addy Vinton, Mullen. 2. Ashley Hassett, Hershey. 3. Peyton Fiedler, Chase Co. 4. Sarah Monahan, Hyannis. 5. Hayley Homan, St. Pat’s. 6. Mariana Kent, Cambridge.

300 hurdles: 1. Addy Vinton, Mullen. 2. Ashley Hassett, Hershey. 3. Peyton Fiedler, Chase Co. 4. Sarah Monahan, Hyannis. 5. Alyssa Shaw, Hyannis. 6. Kaelie Tomlin, Cambridge.

4x100: 1. Chase Co. 2. South Loup. 3. Cambridge. 4. Mullen. 5. Hershey. 6. Sutherland

4x400: 1. Chase Co. 2. St. Pat’s. 3. Mullen. 4. South Loup. 5. Cambridge. 6. Perkins Co. 4x800: 1. Chase Co. 2. South Loup. 3. Hershey. 4. Mullen. 5. St. Pat’s. 6. Cambridge.

Powder puff relay: 1. St. Pat’s. 2. Perkins Co. 3. South Loup.

Boys' results

Discus: 1. Dakota Wallin, Chase Co. 2. Tell Spies, Mullen. 3. Hunter Bartels, Chase Co. 4. Jack Bauerle. Chase Co. 5. Noah Lake, Garden Co. 6. Eli Hinojosa, Chase Co., JV.

High jump: 1. Cody Williams, Chase Co. 2. Lane Edis, Mullen. 3. Ethan Munson, St. Pat’s. 4. Samuel Vinton, Mullen. 5. Evan Sestak, Perkins Co. 6. Cade Connell, South Loup.

Long jump: 1. Cody Williams, Chase Co. 2. Kiffen Cook, Perkins Co. 3. Justin Wiens, Mullen. 4. Jadyn Brown, St. Pat’s. 5. Parker Dillan, Chase Co. 6. Tagan Mays, Chase Co.

Pole vault: 1. Lane Knisley, St. Pat’s. 2. Ryan Patrick, Sutherland. 3. Kyler Banks, Hershey. 4. Blake Scott, Sutherland. 5. Cole Gracey, South Loup. 6. Bennett Floyd, Sutherland.

Shot put: 1. Hunter Bartels, Chase Co. 2. Dakota Wallin, Chase Co. 3. Tyler Borland, Cambridge. 4. Jack Bauerle, Chase Co. 5. Eli Hinojosa, Chase Co., JV. 6. Noah Lake, Garden Co.

Triple Jump: 1. Cade Connell, South Loup. 2. Jack Kohn, Perkins Co. 3. Parker Dillan, Chase Co. 4. Jadyn Brown, St. Pat’s. 5. James Roberts, St. Pat’s. 6. Matt Pearson, Cambridge.

100: 1. Bailey Shrotberger, Perkins Co. 2. James Schroll, St. Pat’s. 3. Alex Patrick, Perkins Co. 4. Lane Knisley, St. Pat’s. 5. Landon Furne, South Loup. 6. Lane Edis, Mullen.

200: 1. James Schroll, St. Pat’s. 2. Lane Knisley, St. Pat’s. 3. Brode McIntosh, Mullen. 4. Landon Furne, South Loup. 5. Kadin Vrbas, Chase Co. 6. Easton Clark, Hershey.

400: 1. Bryce Wilson, Perkins Co. 2. Garrett Foust, St. Pat’s. 3. Justin Wiens, Mullen. 4. Monte McNeil, Hershey. 5. Brode McIntosh, Mullen. 6. Zack Sickels, Cambridge.

800: 1. Chase Ochs, St. Pat’s. 2. Monte McNeil, Hershey. 3. Kalen Dockweiler, South Loup. 4. Caleb Weiss, Chase Co. 5. Zack Sickels, Cambridge. 6. Luke Christen, Mullen.

1600: 1. Will Kuenne, Chase Co. 2. Chase Ochs, St. Pat’s. 3. Zack Sickels, Cambridge. 4. Luke Christen, Mullen. 5. Eli Huebner, Hershey. 6. Cooper Taylor, South Loup.

3200: 1. Will Kuenne, Chase Co. 2. Jaden Dietlein, Perkins Co. 3. Cooper Taylor, South Loup. 4. Eli Huebner, Hershey. 5. Caden Waitley, Perkins Co. 6. Jade Paxton, Sutherland.

110 hurdles: 1. Lance Moore, Mullen. 2. Gary White III, St. Pat’s. 3. Samuel Vinton, Mullen. 4. Aiden Skillstad, St. Pat’s. 5. Christopher Terry, Perkins Co. 6. Keegan Foust, St. Pat’s JV.

300 hurdles: 1. Lance Moore, Mullen. 2. McKade Smith, Hershey. 3. Garrett Foust, St. Pat’s. 4. Scott Wheeler, Chase Co. 5. Gary White III, St. Pat’s. 6. Samuel Vinton, Mullen.

4x100: 1. Perkins Co. 2. Mullen. 3. St. Pat’s. 4. Cambridge. 5. Chase Co. 6. South Loup. 4x400: 1. St. Pat’s. 2. Perkins Co. 3. South Loup. 4. Mullen. 5. Chase Co. 6. Hershey.

4x800: 1. Hershey. 2. Chase Co. 3. South Loup. 4. St. Pat’s. 5. Mullen. 6. Sutherland.

Weightman’s relay: 1. Chase Co. 2. Perkins Co. 3. Sutherland. 4. South Loup. 5. Perkins Co., JV.

Girls' scores

1. Chase Co. 205

2. St. Pat’s 75

3. Mullen 61

4. Cambridge 55

5. South Loup 43

6. Hershey 39

7. Sutherland 28

8. Hyannis 25

9. Perkins Co. 29

10. Chase Co., JV 1

11. Cambridge JV 0

11. Garden Co. 0

11. Hershey JV 0

11. Perkins Co. JV 0

11. St. Pat’s JV 0

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The North Platte Bulletin - Published 4/23/2017
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