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Track: Meet records set at Hershey-St. Pat's InvitationalTell North Platte what you think
Photo by Joe Chitwood
Brady's Michaela Jurjens vaults to a new meet record.
Photo by Joe Chitwood
James Schroll of St. Pat's squeaks by Colby Collier of Sandhills-Thedford in the 100 meters.
Photo by Joe Chitwood
Monte McNeel takes the baton from Eli Huebner for the anchor leg of the Hershey 4x800 relay.
Photo by Joe Chitwood
Chase Ochs outsprints Taylor Cooper to win the boys 1600 meter run.

Old records in eight events fell Saturday at the Hershey-St. Patrick’s track meet.

Warm sun with little wind made it a perfect day for the invitational, which was held at Hershey. Athletes from 11 schools competed for individual medals. No team scores were kept.

Two Brady girls were impressive in the early season meet. Together they won eight events and set four new meet records.

Competing in the distance events, Lady Eagle Emery Swan amassed four golds. She set a meet record in the 800 with a time of 2:24.49. She also swept the 400 and 1600 and was a member of the winning 4x400 team.

Michaela Jurjens earned four golds, including a meet record time of 48.75 seconds in the 300 meter hurdles and a 10-foot pole vault, which was also a meet record. Jurjens was also on the winning 4x400 relay team that set a new record of 4:23.815, and, she won the 100-meter dash.

Eagle teammate Tara Callahan won the shot put, setting a new record with 39’-9” throw, and she picked up another gold medal in the discus.

Mullen’s Addy Vinton, won both the high jump and long jump, and St. Pat’s Kaleigh Kummer won the triple jump and was on the Irish 4x100 winning relay team.



For the boys, St. Pat’s broke two meet records while winning six events.

Chase Ochs picked up four golds when he took the 800 with a new record time of 2:02.30 and was a member of the Irish 4x400 relay that ran a record setting 3:37.55. Ochs picked up a victory in the 1600 and earned his final medal as a member of the 4x100.

James Schroll added four firsts for the Irish with wins in the 100 and 200 and as a member of both the winning 4x100 and 4x400 relay teams.

Hershey’s 4x800 relay team won the race and set a new meet record in the process, finishing in 8 minutes, 40 seconds.

Eli Huebner was the only Panther to win multiple golds. He won the 3200 and was a member of the winning relay team.

Three other schools had athletes who won more than one event.

Tyler Swisher of Sandhills-Thedford won both the shot and discus. Brady’s Colton Lovitt took home wins in the triple and long jump and Mullen’s Lance Moore won both the 110 and 300 hurdles.

Boys results

Discus: 1. Tyler Swisher, Sandhills-Thedford. 2. Christian Gentry, Brady. 3.Roper Chandler, Paxton. 4. Romero Ryan, Sutherland. 5. Tell Spies, Mullen. 6. Jayden Brosius, St. Pat’s.

High jump: 1. Lane Edis, Mullen. 2. Keenan Stupka, Anselmo-Merna. 3. Ethan Munson, St. Pat’s. 4. Connell Cade, South Loup. 5. Cameron Meyer, Sutherland. 6. Colton Lovitt, Brady (tie). 6.Mason Schimonitz, Paxton (tie). 6. Jacey Nutter, Sandhills (tie).

Long jump: 1. Colton Lovitt, Brady. 2. Cameron Downey, Anselmo. 3. Jacey Nutter, Sandhills. 4. Cameron Meyer, Sutherland. 5. Jaydn Brown, St. Pat’s. 6.Ty Kvanvig, Mullen.

Pole vault: 1. Garrett Elfeldt, Sutherland. 2. Connor Floyd, Sutherland. 3. Gracey Cole, South Loup. 4. Lane Knisley, St. Pat’s. 5. Blake Scott, Sutherland. 6. Kyler Banks, Hershey.

Shot put: 1. Tyler Swisher, Sandhills. 2. Jason Davis, Hershey. 3. Cade Polorny, Sandhills. 4. Tell Spies, Mullen. 5. Roper Chandler, Paxton. 6. Christian Gentry, Brady.

Triple jump: 1. Colton Lovitt, Brady. 2. Lucas Harbur, Stapleton. 3. Will Huffman, Maxwell. 4. Noah Holm, Sutherland. 5. Ryan Richardson, Sutherland. 6. Leighton Bubak, South Loup.

100: 1. James Schroll, St. Pat’s. 2. Colby Collier, Sandhills. 3. Marten Nolan, Sandhills. 4. Landon Furne, South Loup. 5. Leighton Bubak, South Loup. 6. Noah Holm, Sutherland.

200: 1. James Schroll, S. Pat’s. 2. Justice Stutzman, Stapleton (tie). 2. Colby Collier, Sandhills. 4. Lucas Harbur, Stapleton. 5. Blake Schwarz, South Loup. 6.Bodee Assels, Brady.

400: 1. Marten Nolen, Sandhills. 2. Brode McIntosh, Mullen. 3. Ryan Fox, Paxton. 4. Cameron Gibson, Anselmo. 5. Lucas Harbur, Stapleton. 6. Gabe Vyzourek, St. Pat’s.

800: 1. Chase Ochs, St. Pat’s. 2. Monte McNeil, Hershey. 3. Kalen Dockweiler, South Loup. 4. Luke Christen, Mullen. 5. Tyler Ferguson, St. Pat’s. 6. Bennett Perlinger, Paxton.

1600: 1. Chase Ochs, St. Pat’s. 2. Taylor Cooper, South Loup. 3. Luke Christen, Mullen. 4. Bennett Perlinger, Paxton. 5. Noah Jurjens, Brady. 6. Justin Gafke, St. Pat’s.

3200: 1. Eli Huebner, Hershey. 2. Jade Paxton, Sutherland. 3. Nathan Holmes, Stapleton. 4. Justin Gafke, St. Pat’s. 5. William White, Sutherland. 6. Noah Jurjens, Brady.

110 hurdles: 1. Lance Moore, Mullen. 2. Garrett Foust, St. Pat’s. 3. Gage Haake, Sandhills. 4. Samuel Vinton, Mullen, 5. Aiden Skillstad, St. Pat’s. 6. Keegan Foust, St. Pat’s.

300 hurdles: 1. Lance Moore, Mullen. 2. Garrett Foust, St. Pat’s. 3. McKade Smith, Hershey. 4. Samuel Vinton, Mullen, 5. Gary White III, St. Pat’s. 6. Aiden Skillstad, St. Pat’s.

4x100: 1. St. Pat’s. 2. South Loup. 3. Sutherland. 4. Maxwell.

4x400: 1. St. Pat’s. 2. South Loup. 3. Anselmo-Merna. 4. Hershey. 5. Mullen. 6. Sandhills-Thedford.

4x800: 1. Hershey. 2. South Loup. 3. Paxton. 4. St. Pat’s. 5. Brady. 6. Sutherland.


Girls results

Discus: 1. Tara Callahan, Brady. 2. Nikki Howitt, Maxwell. 3. Rebecca Pasquinelly, St. Pat’s. 4. Jessie Sallach, South Loup. 5. Danielle McNeel, Sutherland. 6. Rebecca Higgins, Sandhills.

High jump: 1. Addy Vinton, Mullen. 2. Alexis Zimmer, Anselmo. 3. Allie Montgomery, St. Pat’s. 4. Maddie Kleewien, St. Pat’s. 5. Lucy Kimball, South Loup. 6. Joya Most, Brady.

Long jump: 1. Sydney Mullin, Maxwell. 2. Bailee Fear, Sutherland. 3. Aubrey Frye, Mullen. 4. Jordyn Childears, St. Pat’s. 5. Julie Slattery, St. Pat’s. 6. Tyra Otzel, Hershey.

Pole vault: 1. Michaela Jurjens, Brady. 2. Amanda McClellen, St. Pat’s. 3. Gracie Rippen, St. Pat’s. 4. Haeven Schuster, Sutherland. 5. Brooke McClellen, St. Pat’s. 6. Emma Wareham, Sutherland.

Shot put: 1. Tara Callahan, Brady. 2. Caitlin Hasenauer, Sutherland. 3. Rebecca Higgins, Sandhills. 4. Jayden Burnett, Anselmo. 5. Nikki Howitt, Maxwell. 6. Jocylin Sellers, St. Pat’s.

Triple jump: 1. Kaleigh Kummer, St. Pat’s. 2. Bailee Fear, Sutherland. 3. Taylor Conroy, South Loup. 4. Hayley Homan, Sutherland. 5. Sydney Mullin, Maxwell. 6. Kyra Miles, Sandhills.

100: 1. Michaela Jurjens, Brady. 2. Carlie Collier, Sandhills. 3. Morgan Rice, Mullen. 4. Vicki Griffith, Anselmo. 5. Autumn Miller, Hershey. 6. Olivia Paulsen, South Loup.

200: 1. Carlie Collier, Sandhills. 2. Morgan Rice, Mullen. 3. Atlynn Witthuhn, South Loup. 4. Ashlyn Banks, Hershey. 5. Vicki Griffith, Anselmo. 6. Aubrey Frye, Mullen.

400: 1. Emery Swan, Brady. 2. Haley Jones, Mullen. 3. Faith Kennicutt, Paxton. 4. Taylor Conroy, South Loup. 5. Jadyn Chasek, Mullen. 6. Abbi Allberry, St. Pat’s.

800: 1. Emery Swan, Brady. 2. Haley Jones, Mullen. 3. Tristan Haake, Sandhills. 4. Gracie Rippen, St. Pat’s. 5. Hannah Christie, Sandhills. 6. Emily Boyer, Mullen.

1600: 1. Emery Swan, Brady. 2. Elizabeth Peterson, Sandhills. 3. Molly Paxton, Mullen. 4. Bailie Vanarsdall, Hershey. 5. Liddy Vinton, Mullen. 6. Morgan Hoatson, Sutherland.

3200: 1. Bailie Vanarsdall, Hershey. 2. Liddy Vinton, Mullen. 3. Kelsey Folchert, St. Pat’s. 4. Morgan Hoatson, Sutherland. 5. Morgan Burke, Sutherland. 6. Riley Nitsch, St. Pat’s.

100 hurdles: 1. Addy Vinton, Mullen. 2. Jordyn Childears, St. Pat’s. 3. Kyra Miles, Sandhills. 4. Hayley Homan, St. Pat’s. 5. Ashley Hassett, Hershey. 6. Megan Christen, Anselmo.

300 hurdles: 1. Michaela Jurjens, Brady. 2. Addy Vinton, Mullen. 3. Ashley Hassett, Hershey. 4. Kaleigh Kummer, St. Pat’s. 5. Tiffany Myers, Anselmo. 6. Kyra Miles, Sandhills.

4x100: 1. St. Pat’s. 2. South Loup. 3. Anselmo-Merna. 4. Maxwell. 5. Hershey.

4x400: 1. Brady. 2. St. Pat’s. 3. Sandhills-Thedford. 4. Mullen. 5. South Loup. 6. Anselmo-Merna.

4x800: 1. Mullen. 2. South Loup. 3. St. Pat’s. 4. Sandhills-Thedford. 5. Hershey. 6. Sutherland.

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The North Platte Bulletin - Published 3/26/2017
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