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Eight homes lost in Lake McConaughy fireTell North Platte what you think
Photo by Kim Sizer
Consumed in the fire
Photo by Kim Sizer
A building, at left, goes up in flames Sunday.
Photo by Kim Sizer
Photo by Google maps & Bulletin graphics
The general area of the fire
Photo by Kim Sizer
Looking east from the Arthur Bay turnoff Sunday.

A wildfire totally destroyed eight homes Sunday afternoon on the north side of Lake McConaughy as the temperature climbed to 80 degrees and winds gusted to 40 miles an hour.  

The homes were in a residential area near the Arthur Bay turnoff, which is about 2.5 miles west of the intersection of Nebraska Highways 82 and 61, north of Kingsley Dam.

As law officers evacuated residents around noon Sunday the fire roared toward their homes, Fire Chief Ralph Moul said.

“Some of them just barely had enough time, but everyone who was asked to evacuate got out safely,” Moul said.

Moul said the fire was powerful.

“It was expanding rapidly on us,” he said. “We had homes that were 100 % involved before mutual aid could get there.”

The fire started the night before about a mile west of Arthur Bay. Officials suspect a red hot wheel bearing fell apart on a utility trailer and started burning the extremely dry grass alongside NE 92. A southeast wind pushed that fire nearly four miles west and northwest, and 15 fire departments fought it through the night.   

Around 11:30 a.m. Sunday, a hot spot flared up, fanned by a warm front that brought strong, dry winds out of the west and southwest.

With the wind in the opposite direction as the night before, the fire took off to the east, Moul said.

Although the homes burnt to the ground, aggressive firefighting saved about 80% of the properties in the residential area, Moul said.

“Some we sprayed with water and some with foam, ahead of the fire,” Moul said. “We did all we could.”

Moul said residential garages, shops, campers, storage buildings, boats, cars and pickups also burned up.

He said volunteers from 22 departments responded Sunday to the call for help. They battled the fire for more than five hours until the fire was contained around 5 p.m.

"That's what volunteers do when you call them, they come," he said.

Two engines and tankers stayed though Sunday night to watch hot spots and guard against another flare up. Evacuees returned to their homes around 8 a.m. Monday.

Moul urged people to check the wheel bearings on boat and utility trailers before taking to the road.

He said homeowners should do their best to fireproof their yards.

“Trim cedar trees at least five feet above the ground,” he said, “so the flames stay under the limbs instead of shooting 40 feet overhead. Don’t stack firewood around redwood decks. Keep lumber piles away from structures.”

Moul advised making a 100-foot radius around the house into a fire safety zone.

“Those are the reasons we lost a lot of property,” he said. “There were a lot of standing cedars and pine trees on the north sides.”

He also said people should promptly heed orders to evacuate.

“I understand it is difficult to leave,” Moul said, “but we had residents who were out there with garden hoses, and we were giving it all we had, and we weren’t knocking it down.”

“When law enforcement tells you to evacuate, go,” he said.

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The North Platte Bulletin - Published 3/20/2017
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Why wasn't North Platte called to help when McCook was?
Posted by RickyBobby    - 3/23/2017 10:17:32 AM
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NebraskaLand National Bank You've got a
facebook Request!

Might as well sue the weather for being so hot and dry and the wind for changing direction on a Sunday morning. Sometimes crap happens despite the effort.
Posted by original    - 3/22/2017 5:55:25 PM
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I actually do have personal experience and training in firefighting with the National Park Service and State of SD. If that qualifies me to comment then I shall. I have a great deal of respect for these volunteers they just didn't mop up to well. Sure they saved some places but they were not able to save 8 houses and loads of personal property according to the story. My point here is that with that many departments present something went wrong. I bet if you asked these departments they themselves would say they blew it.
Posted by bigsky    - 3/22/2017 5:01:36 PM
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First off most are volunteer firefighters who answer when they can. That shoddy work as you called it saved my parents home!! One even got injured while trying to save my parents place so I for one will only sing praises for them. Unless you have actually been a firefighter of some sort just shut your trap.
Posted by WhoAmI?    - 3/22/2017 2:59:47 PM
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Sorry, gonna double down on this one. Pretty shoddy work, even for volunteers.
Posted by bigsky    - 3/21/2017 6:43:50 PM
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bigsky,you go risk your life saving lives and property then you can shoot your mouth off.try it for 40 hrs. with little or no sleep!those folks are volunteers.
Posted by actionjaxson    - 3/21/2017 2:10:41 PM
(0 current warnings - 0 warnings total)

bigsky: That would be crazy to hold the firefighters liable. Any fire can have a flare up or hot spot. It's just part of the game. They are unpredictable, like all fires. These firefighters are volunteers who give their time and risk their lives. To hold them liable for damages from fires would be ridiculous.
Posted by futuredr    - 3/21/2017 1:35:07 PM
(0 current warning - 1 warnings total)

Uh oh. You think these fire departments may be liable for the damages? How could 15 fire departments miss the hotspot that took the homes. Appears there could be an argument for negligence here.
Posted by bigsky    - 3/21/2017 6:24:15 AM
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