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Train 'emTell North Platte what you think
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Zeb Bell

Recently, I was in Nampa, Ida. to announce the Extreme Mustang Makeover sponsored by the Mustang Heritage Foundation and The Bureau of Land Management in partnership with The National Wild Horse and Burro Program.

Basically, it's a competition to see how well or "if" trainers can take a wild mustang and work with it and "train" it for 100 days and see which one is the best -- wow.

The first day included preliminary classes of handling and conditioning, a pattern class, and a trail course. Then the next day, the top 10 horses advanced to a "freestyle" finals showing off their skills with music, props, costumes... whatever.

To say the, least, some of these horses absolutely exceeded my expectations of versatility, beauty and trainability; they were a "class act." To think that they were running wild on public land a little less than 4 months ago and now they are trained assets to the equine world (amazing),  which started me thinking.

Why can't many of our younger generation be "trained and skilled" to be assets to the human world? Look at the "mess" we have in Denver with the legalization of smoking "pot". People, mostly under age 30, are flocking into this area to just sit and smoke their lives away -- yes, honestly -- just sit and smoke and giggle and do nothing. 

When some of these "No purpose in life" zombies are interviewed, they have absolutely no goals, no desires, no motivation to do anything except sit in the park and get high. They need training. They need 100 days of character molding that would help them to become assets instead of being the first three letters of that word.

We need someone to put them in the "round pen" and start with the basics of what it takes to be a responsible citizen of this great country, America.

Just like the wild mustangs that "graduated" from the "groundwork" to being ridden to win in competition, today's young people need to be taught how to succeed and "git R Done." 

I don't believe in "mamby pamby" methods of "Dr. Spock-ish" raising and praising and everyone's a winner – no, they're not. We are not all equal and we're not a band of "dumb lead me anywhere sheep."

We are human beings that God blessed with talents to be the best we can be, and "succeed" in doing our best for our families, our communities and our country!

If a horse trainer can take a wild mustang and completely "makeover" the net worth of that animal through training and love, why can't we do the same with the millennials who have consumed their lives with failure?

You say "We can't force them to change??" Why not? Cut off, stopanything that aides and abets living a life of dependency on my checkbook and yours.

Tough love? You bet. Just like a horse in training. They will stop "fighting the rope" and start coming  to you to be trainedloved.

Sometimes ol' fashioned horse sense is still the best.

Zeb Bell is a radio and sports personality and rodeo announcer in Southern Idaho. His broadcast is called Zeb at the Ranch – Cowpies and Coffee Cups. This was Vol. 143 - Aug. 1, 2014 ~ Reprinted by permission. See Zeb at the Ranch live at ZebBell.com 

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The North Platte Bulletin - Published 8/11/2014
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