Law officers removed a threatening student Monday from Gothenburg High School, Supt. Mike Teahon said.

The 17-year-old student allegedly made threats, toward a small group of students and teachers, Teahon said in a brief statement that was co-signed by Police Chief Randy Olson and issued at 4 p.m. Monday.

The student was suspended from school and charged with terroristic threats late Monday evening, Teahon and Olson said the next day.

According to the joint statement Tuesday, police began investigating complaints on Friday, March 2 and continued to do so through Sunday, but they found no credible information. Most of information was false, embellished or could not be corroborated, the statement said.

However, administrators received more unspecified information Monday, so the student was removed, with help of his parents.

At no time were students or staff in danger, the statement said.

An officer will be posted at the school in upcoming days as a precaution. The police and school staff will evaluate the school’s security measures, the statement said.