Firefighters from all three North Platte stations rushed to Mammoth Clothing on East Fourth shortly before noon Thursday, where a faulty light fixture started a fire in a wooden support post.

The post was on the outside of the building and the smoke traveled up into the attic of The Boardwalk building, North Platte Fire Marshal George Lewis said.

The fire was reported at 11:45 a.m. When the first fire crew arrived, they removed the exterior of the post and quickly doused the flames.

“We got a good stop on it,” Lewis said.

A ladder truck helped the crew inspect the attic for hot spots. They found nothing but smoke.

Lewis said the overhanging roof of the building acted like a chimney to carry smoke into the attic. Fanned by the wind, smoke spread throughout the entire building – offices as well as the clothing store.

No one was injured. Lewis said the building’s electrical system appeared to be okay, after the faulty light fixture was isolated.

Inside the store, Lori Buckingham said she saw the smoke outside, called 911 and left the building. She said there were flames, but they were “not shooting flames.”

When the fire was out and Buckingham got back into the building, she started carrying clothes outside to let them air out.

Buckingham was not immediately certain how she would deal with the damage. She said she would not be accepting more clothing items in the immediate future.