More details are emerging in sexual abuse charges against former Hershey resident Ann Kuroki.

The Idaho State Journal said after initially denying allegations, Kuroki admitted to police she’d had sex with the student six times at her house — starting in late November or early December — and bought him alcohol twice, according to a police affidavit.

Kuroki was working at Gooding High as a junior varsity boys basketball coach and a teacher’s assistant in a computer lab. She is in jail, held on a $50,000 bond. A preliminary hearing on the six felony charges is set for Jan. 18.

The charges carry a maximum possible sentence of life imprisonment, if she is convicted.

She is the second Magic Valley teacher to be accused of having sex with a student in the past two weeks, the Idaho State Journal reported. There were no details about the other teacher Thursday.

A police affidavit gives this account of what happened, the Idaho State Journal said:

During a couple of interviews with police, the boy denied ever having physical contact or a sexual relationship with Kuroki, and said he’d never been to her house.

After obtaining a search warrant, police searched Kuroki’s house Friday, and seized three cellphones, bedding and a card with a handwritten note given to Kuroki by the boy.

On Friday, Gooding police officer Sabrina Becker received a missed call and text messages from the boy’s mother saying Kuroki had come to her house to talk about her relationship with the boy.

The mother texted Becker: “I have Ann with me and I am taking her to the station. She’s going to confess…” They both arrived at the Gooding Police Department.

When questioned by police, Kuroki told them her communication with the boy began after she’d received a message that was “kind of flirty” from the boy over the summer — probably in July — after she’d posted a picture on Instagram.

They began talking again in August when school started.

It was a normal teacher-student relationship at first, she said. But after the boy asked for her help editing his senior paper via Google Docs, they communicated through that platform.

Around November, “she started breaking down with her resolve to keep things professional with (the boy),” Becker wrote in the affidavit. “Kuroki stated she was nicer to him, she did not send him to the office nearly as much and they started talking more. Kuroki told me their messages became a lot flirtier.”

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