The Lincoln County Commissioners agreed Monday to set up a 10-person committee to study security at the county courthouse and advise the commissioners.

Committee members are expected to be finalized in one week.

Generally, the members will consist of the county sheriff and his designee, the courthouse maintenance director, an elected official, two county employees, an Internet technician, a county commissioner, the Lincoln County Emergency Manager and an at-large member.

Deputy Lincoln County Attorney Joe Wright drafted the list at the meeting, adding few specific names, in consultation with four county department heads who were at the meeting as well as Chief Deputy Sheriff Roland Kramer, and the commissioners.

Kramer said the security advisory committee would likely meet each month or each quarter, depending on the need. Meetings will be held behind closed doors, he said, so specifics of the system won’t become vulnerable.

Kramer said an unofficial committee has met previously and “done quite a bit of work, but we need more structure. It (courthouse security) is something that is not going away.”

Wright cautioned that at least six members of the advisory committee would have to be present to create a quorum and legally conduct a meeting.

The first committee meeting is tentatively set for Nov. 21, but the issue will be revisited again on Monday, Nov. 13, Wright said.


Road equipment, guard rail

In other business, the commissioners approved the purchase of two V-plows for road graders from a Colorado company – Rylind Manufacturing of Atwood, Colo.

The plows will cost $16,910.

Rylind’s offered price was less than those at two North Platte businesses – Murphy Tractor ($19,100) and the Nebraska Machinery Company ($19,300).

Lincoln County Roads Supervisor Carla O’Dell told the commissioners the price is within the budget.

O’Dell and the commissioners also set Nov. 27 to open bids for new guard rail at the Wellfleet Lake Bridge.

Replacement of the guard rail has been on the county 1-year and 6-year road plan, and money for it is in this year’s budget, O’Dell said.


Rural ambulances

Also, the commissioners approved a five-year agreement to contribute financially to rural ambulance services.

Under the agreement, the county will pay $177,844 a year for five years to 16 fire districts that serve Lincoln County.

The $177,844 will be divided according to the amount of taxable property each fire district has in the county.

For instance, North Platte’s fire and rescue department will receive $55,912 a year. On the other end of the spectrum, the Arnold Rural Fire District, which only has a little Lincoln County land in its district, will receive about $2,500 a year.