Kaleb R. Slaymaker
Name: Kaleb R. Slaymaker
Booking date: 5/11/18
Arresting agency: North Platte Police
Bond amount: $2,500
Charges: Criminal mischief. Shoplifting. Disturbing the peace.
Joshue Meza, Jr.
Name: Joshue Meza, Jr.
Booking date: 06/19/18
Arresting agency: Nebraska State Patrol
Bond amount: $5,000 DUI. Others, pending court.
Charges: DUI-liquor, 2nd offense. Refusal to submit to test, 2 cnts. DUS
Chelsea B. Eldridge
Name: Chelsea B. Eldridge
Booking date: 06/19/18
Arresting agency: North
Bond amount: $2,500
Charges: DUI-drugs
Andyserrel Carter, Jr.
Name: Andyserrel Carter, Jr.
Booking date: 06/18/18
Arresting agency: Lincoln County Sheriff's Office
Bond amount: Sentenced to penitentiary
Charges: Aggravated assault - gun. Firing weapon. Use of weapon to commit felony.
Charles J. Lockhart
Name: Charles J. Lockhart
Booking date: 06/18/18
Arresting agency: Lincoln County Court
Bond amount: $5,000
Charges: Failure to Appear

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