The nuts and bolts of the courthouse security system became clearer Monday, when the Lincoln County commissioners approved a $20,000 security scanner for the entrance of the courthouse.

The scanner is made by Smiths Detection and will cost $19,998.33, Lincoln County Clerk Becky Rossell said.

The scanner was recommended by the courthouse security committee, mostly comprised of county department heads.

The scanner resembles those in an airport, but on a smaller scale, with a conveyor belt and x-ray.

Sheriff Jerome Kramer has said there will be a walk-thru metal detector, as well as a detection wand for people who have metal that is surgically implanted and cannot pass a walk-thru test without setting off an alarm.

The scanner will be placed at the south door of the courthouse. The other doors will be closed to the public.

Kramer does not foresee lines of people waiting to get inside the building.

“I don’t anticipate any waiting,” he said. “The x-ray scanner can handle 500 people in an hour. We think we have 350-500 visitors a day.”

Kramer expects guards and scanner equipment to be in place sometime in May, at the latest.

Smiths Detection is an international company headquartered London.

New radio

In other action, the commissioners approved the purchase of a radio and installation for the Region 51 Emergency Management Office, which consists of Lincoln, Hitchcock and Dundy counties. The radio is from Platte Valley Communications. The price is $6,040.30.

Closed sessions

The commissioners also closed the door to discuss pending litigation over property taxes as well as other matters.