The North Platte city council will hear a presentation about recreation buildings and plans at a special meeting Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.

No action will be taken.

The presentation is from the Barker Rinker Seacat/The Ballard Group, Inc., City Clerk Angela Gilbert said.

Also, the council meets at 7:30 p.m. to take action on several items that are normally routine — including four liquor permits and the acceptance of six street improvement projects.

The council is also expected to accept the city audit for fiscal year 2016-17.

In other action, the council will:

  • Hold a public hearing will be held to annex Lot 2 of Douglas First Subdivision at 2402 East Philip, the site of a new crematorium.
  • Consider renewing a USDA program to control pigeons.
  • Consider adopting program guidelines for a forgivable loan to improve the fronts of downtown buildings.

The downtown loan program would provide a “dollar for dollar” ($1 for $1) match, up to a maximum forgivable loan on a single project of $10,000, according to council documents.

For example, a forgivable loan could be used to pay for $1,500 of a $3,000 project or $10,000 of a $20,000 project, the documents say.

Corner properties with two sides facing the street, and building fronts wider than 44 feet or taller than two stories may be eligible for larger sums, if determined to be significant and appropriate by the North Platte Historic Preservation Commission.

The five-year forgivable loan would be prorated at 20% a year, according to the proposal before the council.

Council meetings are held at City Hall, 211 West Third.