Bryce Wood was sentenced to two years of probation Monday in Lincoln County District Court for his part in a car bashing spree on Valentine’s Day.

Wood, 18, was convicted of three counts of criminal mischief, all misdemeanors.

Deputy County Attorney Kortnei Hoeft said part of Wood’s sentence will be to pay restitution that is ordered by probation. His two codefendants will share restitution payments.

Hoeft said Wood’s portion of the restitution will have to be paid before he is released from probation.

Police said earlier that when all estimates were turned in, the damage may total around $25,000.

In addition to Wood, Marko Torres, 18, and Adam Kelsey, 16, are also charged.

Police believe Wood drove the pickup, stopping periodically. Torres and Kelsey got out and hit the cars with baseball bats.

Some of the cars belonged to people the three had previous disagreements with, while others were apparently random selections.

The North Platte Police Department investigated more than 25 reports of damage, most of which occurred between 2-6 a.m. Windows and tail lights were knocked out, along with damage to the bodies of some vehicles.

Police followed leads from home security videos, as well as facebook posts. Wood was arrested Feb. 14.

Wood pled no contest in a plea bargain. Two felony counts of criminal mischief were dropped, as well as a separate charge against him for possession of a stolen firearm.

Torres and Kelsey were found Feb. 16 and also charged with criminal mischief.


McEntire pleads not guilty

In other court action, Jeremiah McEntire, 18, pled not guilty to a series of charges, after he and other teens were stopped for speeding near Lake Maloney in mid-December.

Sheriff’s deputies found a stolen firearm and stolen bank cards in their car.

McEntire was eventually released to probation on those charges, but on March 19-20, after he’d spent less than five days on probation, he and co-defendant Ty Dieter were arrested and charged with several break-ins, the theft of assault rifles and theft of a pickup.

Now, he faces the following charges — two counts of possession of a stolen firearm; criminal possession of four financial transaction devices; use of a firearm to commit a felony; terroristic threats; theft by receiving – value $5,000 or more; criminal mischief – value $5,000 or more; six counts of burglary and two counts of misdemeanor resisting arrest.

McEntire was originally placed on probation and warned that if he didn’t satisfactorily complete his sentence, the county would refile felony charges.

Birch told McEntire he could face more than 50 years in prison if convicted of all charges.

He remains in jail, unable to post $100,000 bond.



In other district court proceedings, Katherine Pointkowski was sentenced to 90 days in jail for attempted possession of meth and Xanax.

She pled no contest to the reduced charges.

Pointkowski, 45, was arrested Jan. 20 when police investigated a burglary at a storage unit and found her in a car at the crime scene.

They searched the car and found she had a black bag of drugs. Lab reports confirmed the bag contained meth as well as a Xanax tablet.

Pointkowski has spent 28 days in jail thus far.



Chase Lenz-Schurr was convicted of possession of marijuana with intent to deliver, in a plea agreement that dismissed other charges against him.

Lenz-Schurr, 19, pled no contest in the deal worked out by Defense Attorney Martin Troshynski that allows his client to enter drug court.

Birch deferred sentencing pending the outcome in drug court.