Halfway through Primary Election Day, light voter turnout was the norm in North Platte.

Polls opened at 8 a.m. and will close at 8 p.m.

At Calvary Baptist Church, the voting place for the First Precinct in North Platte, only 80 voters or so had cast ballots by 1 p.m., out of the 1,100 eligible voters in the precinct, according to poll workers.

A light voter turnout increases the likelihood that the margin of victory will be narrow, meaning every vote counts.

Lincoln County Election Clerk Becky Rossell said there were 1,359 early ballots cast as of Election Day. That is about 120 more ballots than were cast in the primary election four years ago. The popularity of mail-in ballots seems to be growing, but not by leaps and bounds.

Below are the polling places for each precinct in Lincoln County:

(If you are not sure of your precinct, you can look up your polling place HERE.)


City of North Platte

1st – Calvary Baptist Church, 900 East 2nd

2nd – Autumn Park Community Room, 900 East Philip

3rd – McKinley Education Center – South Door, F and Willow

4th – Holiday Inn Exp Conference Center – East Door, 300 Holiday Frontage Rd

5th – Methodist Church – North Door, 1600 West E Street

6th – Methodist Church – North Door, 1600 West E Street

7th – Grace Community Church – West Door, 1021 S Buffalo

8th – Messiah Lutheran Church – North Door, 2700 West A Street

9th – Messiah Lutheran Church – West Door, 2700 West A Street

10th –  First Baptist Church – North Door, 100 McDonald Rd

12th –  Courthouse – West Hall, 301 N. Jeffers

13th – Salvation Army, 1020 North Adams

15th – Berean Church, 202 West 8th Street

16th – Cleveland Senior Center, 900 East 10th Street


Rural Polling Places

Brady – Community Center

Hall – Hall School, 3199 N Studley Rd.

Hershey – Hershey Senior Center, 326 N Lincoln Ave.

Hinman – Lincoln County Fair Grounds, Agricultural Building

Maxwell – Village Hall

Medicine – Village Hall, Wellfleet

Osgood – Valley Christian Church, 2001 W State Farm Rd.

Sellers – Lake Maloney School, 848 E Correction Line Rd

Sutherland, Methodist Church, Sutherland

Wallace – Legion Post