A phone call out of desperation, ignorance or overconfidence turned out to be a bad move for Joshua Schimmer.

In the wee hours Tuesday, Schimmer called the sheriff’s office and asked if a deputy could come jump start his car, which led to his arrest.

The sheriff’s office said the call came in at 4:24 a.m.

Schimmer, 20, said his vehicle had stopped running near the north end of Lake Maloney; he was cold and needed immediate help, according to the sheriff’s statement.

As deputies were responding, the sheriff’s office also got a call from a resident of the same area, who said their home had just been burglarized. A woman said she woke up in bed to find a strange man in her bedroom. She said the suspect ran away when she and her husband woke up.

As it worked out, a deputy met Schimmer and another met the resident of the home at about the same time.

Schimmer had several items belonging to the woman, according to the deputy’s report.

Schimmer was charged with burglary and taken to the Lincoln County jail.

The sheriff’s office said “the helpful deputies towed” Schimmer’s broken down car to North Platte, where it is held in a secure place for further investigation.