The awning has been removed on the historic Bruce Furniture building downtown at Fourth and Bailey, in preparation for a revamped frontage.

The work is part of steady frontage improvements to the core of downtown to make the buildings look true to their historic roots.

The Bruce Furniture building was erected in 1917-18, when it was home to Hendy-Ogier Auto Company. The owners expanded the building in 1925 and again in 1929, when the third floor was added for parking, according to a book about North Platte’s historic buildings, City Bones.

The auto company was a superstation in its day, servicing and selling all kinds of cars (primarily Fords and Plymouths) along the busy U.S. Highway 30 route through North Platte.

The building later became home to W. J. O’Connor’s Five and Dime, then Whitaker Furniture. It was Erickson’s Furniture from 1987-2017, when Bruce Furniture became the owner.

Bruce Furniture is a Nebraska company, with stores in Kearney, Holdrege, Alliance and Hastings as well as North Platte.

(This report was updated on May 16.)