The Army National Guard held an “Experience Day” open house on May 31 at the armory in North Platte at 1700 N. Jeffers.

The three-hour showing featured displays of tactical vehicles, weapons and a night vision conquest.

The goal – to open their doors to the public and spark interest among youth in regards to joining the National Guard.

Twenty-four people attended the open house and saw a 2.5-ton light-medium tactical vehicle used to transport troops and cargo.

Many military-grade weapons were on-hand as well, the most intriguing being a .50 caliber machine gun, an M-16 traditional rifle, M-240B machine gun, a M-249 Squad Automatic Weapon and an M-320 grenade launcher.

Special night-vision binoculars let the curious see what a soldier might see during the darkest hours of night.

Many toured the inside of the LMTV and saw how to manipulate the controls and instruments inside.

“It’s not your traditional car,” Sgt. Edward Alvizar said.

Alvizar was hoping to gain recruits, but says he won’t know if that was successful for another month, when individual commitments can be determined.