Video footage led police to a burglary suspect Wednesday, along with most of the stolen items, including laptop computers, a television and stolen checks.

Robin Dennis is charged with two burglaries and several related crimes. He apparently broke into a medical clinic and went on a spending spree for about a week.

Dennis was arrested late Wednesday. He is in jail on bonds totaling $100,000.

The situation began at 8:03 a.m. on March 1, when police investigated a burglary at Complete Family Medicine at 811 William Ave.

Police Spokesman John Deal said during the nighttime/early morning hours, someone forcibly entered the clinic through a window. The culprit was able to get into the safe and get some cash. Two laptop computers were stolen, along with sample medications and pads that doctors use to write out prescriptions.

The case was still unsolved on Tuesday, March 6, when another burglary was reported at a home in the 200 block of So. Bare.

The resident there had left the home, and when they came home, they found one of the doors was forced open and several items were gone, including two laptops, cartons of cigarettes, blank checks from a checkbook and bank cards from a wallet.

Police said the bank cards were used soon afterwards. One card bought a television in North Platte and some cigarettes at another store.

Dennis also allegedly tried to use a debit card at an ATM in town.

From store surveillance footage, police identified Robin Dennis as the suspect.

An North Platte police officer found Dennis’ car at 3:49 p.m. Wednesday, parked at a home in the 300 block of N. Bare.

Deal said Dennis answered the door.  He agreed to let police search the car, where they found one of the prescription pads from Complete Family Medicine, along with a carton of cigarettes that matched the brand purchased with the stolen card.

They also found two pry bars – suspected burglary tools.

Police talked aloud about seeking a search warrant for the home. Overhearing them, a woman on the front porch ran inside and slammed the door.

Police entered to ensure evidence wasn’t being destroyed. They found Victoria Arriola coming out of a bedroom and slamming the door shut behind her.

Deal said Arriola was uncooperative.

Arriola told police that nobody else was in the bedroom, but an officer posted outside the house saw Amy Peck climb out the bedroom window and run away. Deal said Peck was apprehended a short time later, and both Peck and Arriola are charged with obstructing police.

Police obtained a warrant to search the home, and they found stolen laptops, the television that was purchased, along with one of the credit cards and other property that was reported stolen in the two burglaries, Deal said.

Police also learned that some of the stolen checks had already been forged and cashed for around $1,000 each.

Dennis was arrested. When he was searched, he had nearly $1,000 cash, as well as a large buck knife in a sheath on his belt. Dennis is a convicted felon and prohibited from possessing dangerous weapons such as the knife.

Dennis is charged with both burglaries, possession of burglars tools, forgery and theft by deception.

In Lincoln County Court Thursday, Judge Kent Turnbull noted that Dennis was out of jail on bond at the time of his arrest. Turnbull set a relatively high bond.